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iN 12 languAGES:

Arabic ∞ English ∞ French ∞ German

Italian ∞ Japanese ∞ Korean ∞ Mandarin Chinese

Polish ∞ Portuguese ∞ Russian ∞ Spanish



Translation is the act of transforming written text from one language to another. Translators must be thorough to retain the meaning, essence and intention of the original text when translating it into another language. This is only possible through having a deep knowledge of specific linguistic mechanisms. All of our translators are trained in the fields they work in and are native speakers of the target language.

● Translation

● Literary translation

● Version

● Literary version

● Double version

● Copy editing


Interpretation is the act of facilitating, simultaneously or consecutively, verbal and nonverbal communication between two parties. We offer the following interpretation services:

● Events
● Webinars

● Escort

● Simultaneous interpretation

● Consecutive interpretation


With a multidisciplinary team of professional voice-over artists and translators, Viceversa Translation has everything our clients need to create their own sound identity.

● Voice-over for
animated videos

● Voice-over for corporate videos

● Films and/or trailers
● Audio transcription