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Translation by/for humans


Translation is the act of interpreting the meaning of a text in one language and producing a new text with equivalent meaning in another language. Translators must be thorough to convey the essence of an idea and its intention when passing it from an original text to a translation. This is only possible through having a deep knowledge of specific linguistic mechanisms. All of our translators are trained in the fields they work in and are native speakers of the target language.

-Translation, Literary translation

-Version, Literary version, Double version

-Copy editing


Interpretation is the action of facilitating, simultaneously or consecutively, some type of verbal or nonverbal communication between two parties. We offer the following interpretation services:



-Simultaneous interpretation,
Consecutive interpretation


We have the best solutions and all the necessary knowledge to help our clients create their own sound identity. With a multidisciplinary team of professional voice-over artists and translators, Viceversa Translation has been able to foster lasting and successful partnerships with well-respected organizations.

-Voice-over for
animated videos

-Voice-over for corporate videos

-Films and/or trailers
Audio transcription